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dj food – the search engine





the album of the year is out already.

given that this album is an amalgamation/revision of various tracks that have appeared on the three vinyl eps that have already been released, i did think about honouring the love for the “sample it, loop it, f*ck it” ethos that forms the bedrock for such a release and reusing a bunch of words/phrases that i posted at the time of each release and mashing them all up into a big mess, but you’ll be relieved to know that i decided against such an idea, as that would be crap.

also, the results would have come over as confirmation that my nervous breakdown had at long last kicked in properly.

instead i’ll post links to each of the previous reviews, and you can figure out the rest

dj food : magpies, maps and moons ep

dj food : the shape of things that hum

dj food : one mans weird is another mans world

more detail : here