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dj food – one mans weird is another mans world

5 years ago i became aware of one of strictly kevs projects involving records of the cut-n-paste genre.

i heard the original warm up version of raiding the 20th century, and thought it good to let him know of a 12" record that i thought a valid contender for the full blown version.

that whole adventure happened back in 2004, since which strictly kev and i have exchanged emails/thoughts over many many things, ranging from the hidden corners of the world of ztt records, to how to put out wet laundry to dry (oh the joys of email). so, the fact that this is the first new music to come out of his noise making machines since we started communicating with one another all those years ago, makes it all feel rather strange and special at the same time.

naturally, i have become accustomed to his genre busting mixes (official or otherwise), have marvelled at the excellent designs he creates for other releases on the ninja tune label, and often wondered how on earth he finds the time given that he now has the honour of being half a grown up team that has to look after twin boys.

yet, despite the demands on his time, he has crafted this 12" to sound meticulously timeless and unique.

rejecting the current demand to make music that fizzes and pops in the high end, the music harks back to a time when tape decks were looped and analogue machines were stretched to beyond their designed functionality, and space was as vital an entity in recorded sound as a big fat bass line.

an easy reference point would be to suggest you listen to the last 60s referencing pepe deluxe album, spare time machine, over which kev threw a lot of love for its psychedelic excess and lovingly recreated analogue ambience.

clearly, that album has had a massive influence over his own musical direction.

the music throughout this headfuck of a listen is deep, unexpected, and wonderful to listen to – especially on headphones.

opener, the illectrik hoax, features natural self on his first lead vocal mission, and manages to match the mad random drum based chaos to fine effect. radio friendly it may not be, but unique it most certainly is. then comes the cut up vocals, twilight zone moods and eery pianos in extract from stolen moments that according to the details will become a running theme across the final album. all covered in darkness is one of those tracks that takes some time to feel comfortable with. the opening section of this 7+ minute epic features a vocal introduction by ken nordine, before dr rubberfunk is let loose over the drums.

from here on, the track veers off into a new alternative universe, from the initial moody twanged up start, the music dips into mad eccentric psych excess with clattering drums, doom laden bass booms, and the sound of spaceships crashing.

[hey i’ve no idea what makes up the elements of this noise, and rest assured, neither will you]

the overall result is a schizophrenic track that lurches all over the listeners consciousness, yet manages to still be a compelling listen.

then comes the centre piece of the 12", the 13+ minute journey that is, a trick of the ear.

with a title like that it should then come as no surprise to hear that the core function of the track is to screw around with your perception of music in stereo, all the more enhanced by the fact that tortoise honcho, bundy k brown has mixed the track. 3d sounds, weird basslines, tribal drums, and a recurring ‘ping’ effect that will keep your cat from having a pleasant afternoon nap, all wrapped up with strange found sounds and samples.

thankfully, following such an epic slice of weirdness, the single is brought home by colours beyond colours, another moody ambient track with more found vocals that i never get tired of.

so there you have, and absolute epic release that sounds great ( a big big factor for music of this style), twists your expectations into different shapes, and is packaged beautifully.

here are a few other facts about this 12" record that need to be known :

– limited heavy heavy vinyl pressing and plays @ 33rpm [note : so just when did 12" singles start playing @ 33rpm instead of 45rpm ?]

-  contains over 30 minutes of music

– the first 12" release in a trilogy

– once the trilogy is complete, there will be an album compiled from the music spread across all 3 12" singles, though the final album versions will vary from the 12"

– comes with a free poster that allows you to check over the gloriously intricate artwork by renowned 2000ad artist henry flint.

– comes with a download key for you to get the goodness onto your portable music player.

– it is now official, dj food, is the studio work of the one and only strictly kev. no more confusion in 2009.

– it’s the first release of new material from dj food in 8 years.

– it’s fucking amazing.

my advise – get your order in now, and start counting down the days to part 2 of the series.

more detail : here