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nochexxx – splangers & mash/b-o-m mkii

many years ago when this site was a notepad created html only website, i was lucky to get sent all manner of bits and pieces to listen to.
amongst all the usual stuff would be these strange and wonderful packages from dave henson under his ascoltare pseudonym that always put a smile on my face as it made for a refreshing change from the glut of landfill indie material that normally rattled my letterbox.
the original pages re ascoltare are here.
then, a couple of weeks ago i dug out all i had and re-organised my digital archive, which subsequently lead me to dig around to see if the story had been updated.
and lo and behold, for a while now dave has been plugging away under a whole new groove, nochexxx.
after reaching out via twitter, he kindly let me hear a couple of his albums/extras etc, and yeah, it’s somewhat different.
ascoltare was very much atmospheric glitch and plunderphonics, which involved strange disjointed beats, and found/distorted vocals.
the nochexxx productions are a lot more rhythmic and sonically brutal.
this is not electronica for the kompakt crew.
it is however fascinating stuff.
visceral raw static layered electronic music often based around an intense 4/4 beat that has been crafted out of sounds old, new, and totally weird.
i think it’s safe to say that headphones are probably the best way to listen, as there is a lot of sonic detail hidden away in the corners.
i have revisited these albums often in last few weeks and i am still experiencing ‘wtf’ moments, so i would suggest you dig around the nochexx bandcamp and listen for yourself.

highly recommended.

more detail : nochexx bandcamp