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flying mojito brothers : desert nights (mixtape + track listing)

in the last few weeks i have been all about edits by flying mojito brothers.
they take an old track, normally one with a country and western vibe, and add some laidback disco, sunset friendly dance enhancements. the results are always rather special.
clearly people are beginning to take notice as rob da bank recently invited them to craft a 30 minute mixtape which was then broadcast on his weekly radio show.
the lads followed the broadcast by putting out a digital flyer that allowed you to grab the mix in mp3 form and revealed the track listing, which for the sake of posterity, i am reposting here.

bobby lee – looking for obsidian and pine
joe walsh – the confessor (flying mojito bros refrito)
willie nelson & waylon jennings – gold dust woman (flying mojito bros refrito)
jorge santana – ain’t no
mushrooms project – 16823 (mudd remix)
flying mojito bros – ghetto hotel workout
ry cooder – rich/poor (flying mojito bros refrito)
yakima lee – time changes

if you want to have the perfect soundtrack for a slow-n-low sunday evening sunset, then i believe by hitting the link below, you will still get a chance to grab the mixtape.

more detail : mixtape – – bandcamp