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dj food : the shape of things that hum

following on from the superb one mans weird .. ep from a few months ago, the situation remains largely the same for this second part of the trilogy.

featuring music constructed out of layered samples, strange drums loops, twisted harps riffs (strange but true for the opening track), and plenty more of those all important found spoken vocals, these production continue to prove that dj food is clearly one of the most fascinating studio boffins out there. never more so than on the absolutely epic instrumental cover version of the thes majestic giant.

the build up from the simple keyboard led melody to chants, tribal drums, and everything else but the kitchen sink, is subtle but supremely effective making the 8 minutes feel very special indeed.

oh, and for those interested, the full version is to be featured on the album next year and will supposedly have new vocals by matt johnson himself.

alongside another extracts sneaky peak, there is sentinel (shadow guard), which after all these years happens to be the first studio collaboration between dj food, and his mixmaster tag team partner, dk, adding more cluttered funk to the chaotic but mesmerising noises. 60s trash movie voiceovers form the basis for the short but effective brother john, and then there is a late night mood shifter in the shape of sentinel (lunar defence) that for reasons unknown to anyone else but me, evokes a vibe somewhat similar to the dark ambience of cabaret voltaire (the use of the found vocals and spookiness).

all of which would be good enough for most, however, for the digital buyers, there is one more an extra treat.

mr p has taken the epic  all covered in darkness from the first ep, and transformed it into 3 separate parts spread across 13 minutes : vocal, in 3, and beats.

for me the clear highlight is the cinematic, vangelis styled layered synths for in 3 a 4 minute oasis of calm and beauty that would perfectly soundtrack any slo-mo tracking shots of a planet and contrasts with the beats and loops of that persist throughout the rest of the versions.

all in all, a perfect follow up, making me all the more keen to hear the final instalment, and of course the resulting album.

artwork and track listing

more detail : here – – ninja tune