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reverend and the makers – sundown on the empire (on-u sound disneydubland)

as some folks on my facebook have noticed, as of today i have been upon this planet for forty + four years.

and as one does under such circumstances i have been contemplating my relationship with music in recent times as it has gone through a massive upheaval.

i guess a lot of the change could be classed as getting old and not caring about music quite as intensely as i used to, but i would like to suggest that i am still as passionate, just that the direction of my intensity is a lot more selective these days than before.

i know what i like and i like what i know.

however, irrespective as to the turmoil there are always some constants, one of which is the music that gets released under the careful guidance of adrian sherwood aka on-u sound, a label that in 2011 celebrated 30 years of woofer threatening action.

now, i cannot claim to have been on mission since day one. my first on-u related release was in 1984 : a depeche mode re-remix 12ā€ of masters and servant, a record which to this day still thrills and excites me like no other remix has done since, and then quickly followed by a mad mad album : very big in america right now by voice of authority (aka adrian and pals), after which i knew this was going to be a long term relationship.

so when it came to contemplating todays treat i just knew it had to be on-u sound related.

released back in 2008 on a limited edition 7ā€ this reverend and the makers remix was the first time a major record label threw some love (and hopefully cash) in adrians direction after quite a few years in label wilderness. after all, there was a time back in the 90s that every 2 bit indie band was getting a messed up on-u sound remix.

hello shed 7.

still iā€™m not complaining when the results are as smooth and wonderful as this.

not only that, but i was still on relevant mailing lists and so managed to end up with a promo cd of the summer friendly skank remix, so here it is, in blistering clean digital form.

turn it up.

turn it up some more.


mp3 : reverend and the makers ā€“ sundown on the empire (on-u sound disneyland dub)

more detail : on-u sound