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dj food – magpies, maps & moons ep




tracklisting :

prey feat. jg. thirlwell
percussion maps (parts 1 & 2)
discovery workshop
magpie music feat. 2econd class citizen
in orbit every monday

this being the final part of the 12” ep trilogy, you just knew that strictly kev was going to go all out, and damn has he done just that, but first a little story.

back in 2001 as part of my ongoing foetus obsession, i picked up blow, a mad mix-n-match collection of remixes that jg thirlwell had commissioned to go alongside the album of the year, flow. the collection stretched my expectations with all manner of weird and wonderful folks stepping up to the plate, however, one remix totally stood out : suspect [dj food feed em their rights mix]

you see in 2001 as far as i was aware, dj food was the name of various ninja tune studio boffins who made some mighty fine loops and samples. what on earth did they know about the force of nature that is foetus !?

the very idea spun around my grey cells for years.

then as the ireallylovemusic blog thing shifted into gear years later i found myself conversing with strictly kev, by this time, the sole force behind the dj food moniker. it turned out that for all his love of spaced out, sample mania, strictly kev, like yours truly, got sucked into the multifaceted world of jg thirlwell many years ago. we had both fallen hard for jims love for a devilish pun, and multilayered production excess. so after a few weeks/months of pleasantries, i had to ask : what of the remix ?

well, turns out that instead of any payment being exchanged, the deal was that the favour would be returned upon demand. and so, 10 years on the circle is now complete.

earlier this year, the two gentlemen met up to share cup of tea and a slice of cake. subsequently, a plan was hatched. ideas and vocals were dispatched to and fro across the wire, and to fit in with the foetus way, an appropriate four letter word was applied to the result : prey.

a power packed, soul shaking beast of intensity that proves when two music makers come together, the results need not water down the collective excellence. the 12” package leads with this slice of bass heavy growls and layers of e-z listening styled “baaa-baa-ba-bahhhs”, and if consisted of this track alone i would be recommending immediate purchase.

however, to make the ep even more attractive, there are a few non-lp treats worthy of listener love.

percussion map, parts 1 and 2, is as you’d expect from the title, a smorgasbord of beats and noises, with a disconnected vocal line providing an unsettling focus. for those of a certain age it recalls an era when adrian sherwood pushed his tackhead productions to the max; discovery workshop has been already released on a limited edition flexi, but so that more folks get a chance to hear it in full hi-fidelity, has been included here. kicking back with some upfront jazz drums, stolen vocals, and a driving piano funk, this is a slab of classic old school cut-n-paste that makes me want to dig out my old steinski records. again.

then once you’ve absorbed all that, you flip the heavyweight 12” and drop the needle onto magpie music, an 11.5 minute opus that forms a core section of the forthcoming album, the search engine, but here it is in an isolated form.

the epic is a collaboration between kev and 2econd class citizen, but rather than making a basic track together, they decided to make a whole chunk of mini-tracks separately and then splice-n-dice these mini treats into one big megamix with each sub-section having its own name. confused ? nah, just get the 12” and soak it up.

and then to finish things off is the wonderfully titled, atmospherically enhanced, in orbit every monday, a fanboy reference to the weekly 2000ad comic tagline bringing together the lure of space adventure, and man kinds destiny to explore the outer regions via audio based other worldly sounds.

and if all that isn’t enough, the 12” is wrapped up in another example of henry flint eye popping artwork.

in summary : you need this record in your life.

release detail : ninja tune : 7th november.

more detail : here