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the death of output – the solid steel mix by strictly kev (the final showdown)

a few weeks ago, ireallylovemusic reported on a comprehensive output records retrospective mix that strictly kev (part of ninja tunes dj food partnership in case you weren’t aware) has put together for the rather fine solid steel radio.
anyway, at the time, the final part of this trilogy was still a work in progress and so the tracklising hadn’t been finalised.
today i got the word it’s all systems go.
so here is the final rundown :

part 3
7 hurtz – electroleum (output)
fridge – lign (extended version) (output)
four tet – misnomer (long version) (output)
skull – crash (output)
lopazz – burned down houses (output)
brainchild – brute (output)
mongrel wireless – you & i (output)
the emperor’s new clothes – darklight (bonus beats) (output)
open music – what if? (output)
four tet – chiron (output)
icarus – ul-6 (output)
5 mic cluster – rat (output)
lcd soundsystem – give it up (output/dfa)
no exit feat. skull – kingsize (output)
skull – spaztik (output)
colder – this river (output)
fridge – it’s all on (output)
fridge – logen (output)
lb – silence is golden (output)
circlesquare – 7 minutes (output)
how to cure for dyslexia – little else (output)

as mentioned, ireallylovemusic has asked some cheeky q’s to go alongside this whole adventure, and the results will be published when sorted.
stay tuned.
solid steel : here
mark e