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goose – bring it on

now that the electro revival is beginning to wane, record label skint muscle in on the act and bring it home to kickstart the flagging beast back into action again.
this collective from belgium have a mass of old analogue synths (probably protools soft patches in all honesty) stacked up, they have some cheesy saturday night riffs good to go, see recent single, back gloves, with its sampled shoutouts for evidence. and yes they have some big fucking beats.
oh, and alongside all this it rocks.
while the single was a headrush of an electro enhanced instrumental, the albums chocka with so called proper songs, nothing too deep lyrically of course, ‘i try to hit it hard, give me a reason’, but when the noise is as dancefloor focussed as this who cares.
style over substance? yes please.
across the 12 tracks (36 minutes !) they dig deep into their rave sonic library, with some great old school atmospheric buildup/breakdowns – check the albums title track, starting off as a simple synthpop track it builds and builds to superb stakker humanoid styled massive fat sinewave action at 2 minutes. glorious.
slowdown as the name implies is a moody piece during which you catch your breath, but as soon as this dies away, the sequencer freak that is check gets the adrenalin rushing again, for all of its 1.5 minutes. on the whole, the music is simplistic and direct, but with a minimum of fuss, the live sounding results (such as on the pumped up techno-guitar monster album closer safari beach) can actually be a breath of fresh air in these over produced times.
according to the detail out there, the band actually consist of a real band set up – guitar/bass/drums/keyboards and this is not all the product of some deft mouse clicking, meaning that the gigs should be rather full on. especially when they let rip with their bass booming glam-tastic 3t4, and the moody ambient piece everybody tells us where all those john carpenter synths ended up.
of course, matching dance beats with rock-n-roll styled band culture is nothing new, only earlier this year, the infadels were killing the live scene with their rock-n-rave parties, so given that blueprint, goose are going to be soundtracking the opening of the college gig season with relish.
more detail : here