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the return of the three johns


keen spotters of the blog will have noticed that only yesterday i mentioned a long lost band the three johns in a rare display of emotion. the band were infamous in leeds for being hardy in the ways of the demon drink, but also for releasing some cracking drum machine propelled guitar music in times when such a thing was somewhat unusual. as was the way, john peel loved them, and played chunks off their classic atom drum bop, world by storm albums. both of which i had on cassette form, meaning i have not heard them in many many years. the fact that in 1990 i saw a cd in a shop in helskini that supposedly had both of these superb albums on one cd and the fact i let it go speaks volumes for my sanity while living in that country.
i could tell you about my own drunken exploits following their 1987 aids benfit gig in leeds, bannered as ‘free johnnies with the three johnnies’, or, i could tell you about the laugh a minute dialogue that jon langford provided during their (supposedly) final 3 gigs at the leeds spit-n-sawdust venue, the duchess of york (or more properly known as ‘the pub with no name’), but instead i’m just going to tell that the band are back ! and playing live !
a quick trawl around myspace today revealed this news, much to my shock and dismay.
firstly, this means i can no longer tell people i saw their final gigs, and secondly, i cant bloody go.
but hopefully some of you can.

for proof as to why they really were that good, here’s an old favourite : atom drum bop

more detail : here