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jameliawalk with me
folks seems to be getting quite hot-n-bothered about the new jamelia sample filled album. 3 pretty decent tracks (do me right, featuring afrika bambaataa, window shopping, featuring mrs slocombe from 70’s crap comedy are you being served! and no more featuring that golden brown sample from the stranglers number 1 record do not make a classic pop album.
for all the love that is being thrown at the depeche mode sampling monster,  beware of the dog, i have to say it feels like a made-to-order electro-sample track with an obvious desire for goldfrapp styled glammed up electro-cool.
so while all around declare this to be the pop album of the year, the album is not going to convert me like the last rachel stevens album (and lets hope its not her last), or slow by kylie that’s for sure.
in other news :
– the rather fine output label (who released the excellent circlesquare records i mentioned a few weeks ago) have called it a day. pitchfork have the full story : here 
stay tuned for more.
mark e