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mongrels : attack the megalith



i think it’s fair to say that hip hop rarely hits the ireallylovemusic playlist these days, but last year one album most certainly did : the collaboration between kid acne and sebash from the ultimate fugged up hip hop crew, new kingdom.

detail : attack the monolith by the mongrels

since its release, the album has now been given a revisit by various beat makers.

the results of which are available on limited vinyl (of course !) next week, with a few special kid acne extras thrown into the package.

now for those that are fearful re remixes, you need worry not, as these reversions are faithful to the grooves of the originals.

track list :

1. full moon / half moon (hashfinger remix)
2. man from atlantis (third person lurkin remix)
3. you dig raps? (part 2) (morriarchi remix)
4. duppy conqueror (sam zircon remix)
5. zodiac rockerz (king kashmere remix)
6. aztec futuristic (juga-naut remix)
7. underground dwellers (charlie dark remix)
8. skeleton drums (midfield general remix)

in other words, don’t expect any dubstep/house/edm revisions, just more of that old school slow-n-low head nodding boom bap.

well, that is except for the synthetic analogue throb that underlies the midfield general version, but it’s such an addictive pairing that you can’t help but succumb.

subsequently, this set will probably get as many spins as the source album, and you can’t say fairer than that.

more detail : here