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carpenter brut : turbo killer.

back to the synthwave groove.

this french set up (one bloke in the studio, fleshed out with extras for live appearances), is definitely one of the best around at the moment.

the three eps that have been released over recent times have been collated into a 3cd/3 12” vinyl set, trilogy.

the sounds are in the same league as the blood music crew with fantastic attention to sonic detail.

combining an intense synth noise, with a dash of filter disco/kitsune/daft punk thrown into the mix.

the 3cd set is highly recommended.

however, in order to get more of an idea as to how it sounds, here is a video.

unlike many other videos that are made for synthwave tracks, the band and some friends clearly had a budget, and a definite vision.

basically, this video is fantastic, and fits the music perfectly.


more detail : here