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hifi sean ft. excursions





monday morning sunshine (ft. jean honeymoon) : sunset dub
atomium (ft. bootsy collins) : ray mang & severino dub revision
like josephine baker (ft. david mcalmont) : omnichord dub
18th (ft. norman blake) : azaxx late night reprise
testify (ft. crystal waters) : in flagranti replay
ultratheque (ft dave ball) : discoteca dub

in love with life (ft. yoko ono) : yam who? re-work
heavy game (ft. billie ray martin) : night excusion
a kiss before dying (ft. alan vega) : jackie house bullets workout
you’re just another song (ft. little annie) : le mongrel midnight trip

for record store day 2017, hifi sean took his ft. album from last year, handed over the tracks to various remixers he knows from years of dj’ing, so that he could release a modern equivalent to the classic human league remix album, love and dancing.

the results were then pressed up in a limited edition of 300 white vinyl copies and released into the chaos of that saturday morning pick-n-mix vinyl session, making it rather difficult for those who fell hard for the original album to get a copy.

thankfully, hifi sean has now decided to release the album again in digital form, and to add an incentive for the lucky few vinyl junkies, has added a couple of extra tracks.

having had a chance to listen to the original package i can assure you that this is one remix album that’s totally worthy of tracking down.

from the blissed out ibizia anthem grooves of ‘monday morning sunshine’, the gorgeous space funk of ‘atomium’, to the acid squiggle heavy revision of the monster hit ‘testify’ via an absolutely gorgeous ambient dub remx of ‘18th’, these remixes keep the central tunes of the originals, and just extrapolate the brilliance into new sonic territories.

expect to hear a lot of this album over the various pa systems during this years festival season.

highly recommended.

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