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wyatt blair : point of no return



summary : 80s aor pop radio rock.

one of the worst genres i ever hated, that has somehow made a comeback via the ‘yacht rock’ tag.

well, this is a whole album of it.

not the mellow sunset grooves, but the hair rock, gated drums, synth-n-guitars chorus heavy, mtv friendly, feel-good movie closing credits side of the fence.

with so many reasons to hate this album how is it i succumbed to its’ charms?

whatever the reason, (basically the huge ear hugging tunes to be honest), i am very glad i did.

yes, the cover is like a bargain bin revision of an old alvin stardust cover;
yes, it’s clear that if you dig around, the main protagonist here i.e. wyatt himself, is a very knowledgeable man who knows exactly what he is doing; but so what.

among the 80s stadium rock excess, the billy idol guitars and snarls, there is even a dreadful (but still rather wonderful) cod-reggae track ‘cruel world’, with massively echo’d drums, and cheesy 80s excess to give you that feeling that you have heard this all before.

the end result of all this carefully studied genre love is a massively enjoyable 40 minute album, aka the perfect album length, of glam’d up pop/rock brilliance.

more detail : here