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dance with the dead : the shape



with a cover like that then you know this is going to be heavy metal don’t you.

well, it’s not.

this is full on dark john carpenter styled retrosynth soundtrack grooves with extra layers of guitars (chord noise and 80s solos mode of course !).

also, for once, this is not a one person operation, but a proper functioning live touring band.

the songs, well, they are not songs really, more like tracks, have quite a few edm styled noises, but these sonic signifiers are few and far between as the album sticks well within the retrosynth parameters i.e. ear crunching melodies, dark atmospherics, and lots of layers of analogue synths.

there are time this album is as if daft punk had decided to go down the route of 80s horror soundtracks as opposed to the big studio 70s disco.

in other words, the production levels on this release are really good, which given the style of music on offer is what it’s all about.

highly recommended.

more detail : here – – facebook