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hifi sean : ft. – album details.


a few weeks ago i posted about the return of sean dickson under the guise of ‘hifi sean’.

well, it turns out that his forthcoming album,  ft. ,  is him on production duties with a ton of guest vocals.

and what a guest list it is.

testify ft. crystal waters
18th ft. norman blake
in love with life ft. yoko ono
atomium ft. bootsy collins
like josephine baker ft. david mcalmont
lost without you ft. paris grey
ultratheque ft. dave ball
truck ft. fred schneider
monday morning sunshine ft. jean honeymoon
you’re just another song ft. little annie
heavy game ft. billie ray martin
heartbreak house ft. maggie k de monde
a kiss before dying ft. alan vega

and yes,  the last track is one of the last things that alan vega recorded before he recently passed away, making the song title somewhat prophetic.

having heard a couple of tracks i can confirm that this is one album i am genuinely looking forward to hearing.

should you feel the urge, then there is a dedicated website for signed pre-orders.

more detail : pre-order  – official