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various artists : ifach volume 1




many years ago i wandered into the big virgin megastore on the headrow in leeds.

there was a vinyl sale going on, which was a format i had given up on, but decided to peruse anyway.

in amongst the usual gubbins i spotted 3 12" singles that were all on the same label.

they were labelled as ‘ifach 007’, ‘ifach 008’, ‘ifach 009’.

same logo, ultra minimal design, and very little detail.

however, given this was in ’94 and i was in the depth of my fax addiction, i came to the clearly obvious conclusion that these 12" singles had to be ambient-techno.

turned out that ifach was in fact the post-pop techno label set up by baby ford and mark broom, and each 12" was indeed insanely fantastic minimal but bass heavy techno.

fast forward many years and i decide to track down more.

that need for more lead me to this compilation that surmises the labels early few 12" singles.

summary : old school jittery beats, massive bass, and lots of melody and bleeps. basically techno perfection.

more detail : here