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ireallylovemusic vs 2013 : a progress report

well, one week into the new year and things are already looking a lot better than i expected.


david bowie.

no comment required, as the web is buzzing all over about the mans unexpected reappearance on his 66th birthday yesterday, other than to say, after an extended period of disconnection from the mans catalogue, last week i added all of his albums into the ireallylovemusic digital archive.

as i expected it was an emotional experience due to the connections i have to a lot of the music, but i decided i needed to reconnect. and once the rollercoaster settled i fell in love with his music all over again.

so, the news yesterday sealed the deal for me.

more detail : here


sigue sigue sputnik

anyone following the site for a few years will know all too well my love for this lot. i know they are regarded as naff, crap, a one-trick pony etc, and yes, a lot of the time, i too happen to agree. but damn, when the mood demands a rock-n-roll riff set to some dubbed up drum machine loving excess, then there really is only one band.

of course the guys made a well received come back 10 years ago, but after a couple of excellent albums things fell apart. tony james teamed up with his old pal, mick jones, and set up the carbon/silicon band, which if i’m honest, didn’t really do much for me. i just wanted more bladerunner samples.

over the years the unloved official sigue sigue sputnik website slowly fell apart, but then at the end of last year a new front page appeared giving hope that things were on the move.

and, sure enough a couple of days ago the new site was launched.

full of detail and pictures, and even some unreleased demos, it’s a cracking place to find out more about one of the world most reviled, but brilliant, pop bands ever.

not only that, but despite the word at the time of the parting of the waves was all down to some unpleasant vibes, the vocalist, martin degville, has dropped word on his facebook page that he would love a reunion !

i would like to say also that i love the new sputnikworld website that tony james has created and also the archive footage that gives a vast insight as to what the band was about- all its members and crew and lets we not forget the ULTRA VIXENS!!- i have no hard feelings to any one of them- i am happy that i have kept the name SIGUE SIGUE SPUTNIK alive and would like nothing more than a re-union and play a show for everyone- thats my status about this- i have often contacted the other band members but to no avail- who knows what may happen this year???
love martin xxxx

we can but hope.

more detail : sputnikworld


akira the don

dig around the ireallylovemusic  archives and you’ll find a page with all manner of akira the don related goodies (here).

we drifted apart as my love for words-n-rhyme set to loopy beats was not suitable for the recent chaos in my world, but at the end of last year i decided it was time to catch up.

and more fool me, as his second album, the life equation, happens to be a cracking pop album that uses hip hop as its foundation. thug free, gangsta-void, sample stuffed uk hip hop. oh yes.

now, to top off a rather good week, akira the don has released the news that as of the 6th of january, he will from hereon be known as ‘akira the dad’, as the safe arrival of hercules was announced.

oh yes, i look forward to his tales of changing nappies, projectile vomiting, and sleepless nights with keen anticipation.

(then again, i suspect things wont be that much different from his time with crack village !)

more detail : akira the don 


and as if that wasn’t enough, earlier today i received a rather mysterious email that points me to some new music that i love.

new music !

but i’m saving that little nugget for the next post.

keep up the good work 2013, i’m loving your groove so far.

mark e