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ireallylovemusic vs 2012


well, i think i can safely say that 2012 has been one of the toughest years of my 44 year life.

the death of my wife back in april caused the year to go in a very different direction that i had hoped for.

subsequently the role of the blog and music in my life took a back seat while i tried to deal with life and death.

and the realisation that i am now part of that clique of people known as ‘single parents’.

however, there are a few albums released in the last 12 months that have helped, and provided relief from the emotional intensity.

so, as is customary, here is a list of albums that have provided sonic distraction, aural soothing, or a soundtrack to the darker moments.

in no particular order

soulsavers : the light the dead see.

dj food : the search engine.

lana del ray : born to die.

the jim jones revue : the savage heart.

michael kiwanuka : home again.

the pre new : music for people who hate themselves.

chromatics : kill for love (and the associated ‘drumless’ version).

o. children : apnea.

adrian sherwood : survival and resistance.

kindness : world, you need a change of mind.

here’s to a better 2013.

mark e