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kota – masters of the sun



welcome to the first new music post on ireallylovemusic of 2013.

and to say i think this is a little special is an understatement.

as i said in my previous post, yesterday i received a mysterious email that pointed me to a brilliantly text based website that uses old unix/ftp command line interactions.

supply the relevant commands, and amongst other bits and bobs, you are pointed to this fantastic video which comprises of manga/anime clips, some of which are subtly altered to fit in with the world of kota.

note : kota = kids of the apocalypse

to fit in with the whole ‘end of the world’ vibe, the music is suitably epic, incorporating some slightly dubstep based drops, but the whole sonic experience is based around a vocal hook that hits hard and doesn’t let go.

in the year 2013, i hereby rekommend you katch up with the world of kota, before they katch up with you.

more detail : here