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caught in the middle of a 3 way mix : dj cheeba + dj moneyshot + dj food



if you’ve not heard about this, then please allow me to be the one to give you the necessary nudge.

here’s the blurb :

3 years ago solid steel djs cheeba, moneyshot and food had the idea of collaborating on a version of the beastie boys‘ ‘paul’s boutique’ album made entirely from the original sample sources, shortly after moneyshot aired his mix of their ‘check your head’ album in the same way.

finally the result is here, titled ‘caught in the middle Of a 3-way mix’ – each of them have taken a third of the album to work on and combined their efforts into a mix that will make you hear it in a new way. aside from the original sample sources they’ve included commentary from the beasties, vintage interviews, demo versions and much more.

the mix was over half way completed when they heard the tragic news of mca‘s death in may so the impetus to finish it was instantly doubled and new meaning given to the project. it goes without saying that this is also a tribute to adam yauch and the legacy he left behind and we hope it will be embraced by beastie fans around the globe.

the result is one of the best old school cut-n-paste sample stuffed, informative hour you will have heard in a long long time, not forgetting the brilliant exclusive artwork by 2000ad artist jim mahfood, who happens to be a big fan of the band.

so, set yourself a spare hour and soak this one up.

it’s even available to download.

what more could you ask for ?

more detail/download etc : here