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d/r/u/g/s : amphibian ep (free download)



tracklisting :

hemisphere, you and me not we, ring of endless light

to help promote his forthcoming tour with delphic, callum wright aka d/r/u/g/s has released a 3 track ep.
as with the remix that i loved a while back, opening track, hemispehere, is full on rave synths and beats with mood enhancing atmospherics, the result being that it makes me want to be in a dark room with strobes going nuts having had too much merrydown cider.

in other words, this is electronic dance music for old f*ckers who wish to revisit their youth, and yet is music for the youth to forget about the old f*ckers.

wonderful stuff.

you and me not we delves into the more deeper side of bass music and beats that i guess could be classed as bleeped up dubstep, while the final track, ring of endless light supplements a fantastically eerie late night vibe over some delicious rib tickling beats.

of course there are probably several micro-genres to describe this music now, but i care not, all i know is i think that d/r/u/g/s is onto some good stuff, and seeing as the ep is free, then damn, what’s stopping you hitting the button.

highly recommended.

more detail : here