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dj food vs 1989 : vinyl only mixtape


strictly kev (aka dj food) has just dropped a new mix onto his soundcloud page.

taking up the rules of a club night called classic night, he has taken the year 1989 and let rip into his old school vinyl collection.

given that 1989 was when hip hop was in its so called golden era, the results are full of classics which if you are of a certain age will have you getting all nostalgic for a time when hip hop as party fun time, and still made your rump shake a little.

oh, and the fact its a back-2-vinyl mix gives the whole thing a certain dirtiness that’s often missing in the age of serato digital mixes, and i have to say, the results are proper good.

i haven’t listened to hip hop in a long time, but within 7.24 minutes i was getting goose bumps all over, and having to fight an urge to dive into the archive and dig out my old antidote records (r.i.p) mixtapes.


get this and let the funker loose.

more detail : here