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stephen hilton : puppy (rough)

i don’t think it will come as a shock to anyone who has followed this blog, but i think its safe to say that back in 2007 and early 2008 i became somewhat obsessed with the duo known as flykkiller (r.i.p) featuring the tag team efforts of stephen hilton and pati yang.

tracks were posted online, questions were asked, t-shirts were printed, and plans were put in place for the release of the bands second album (info : here)

sadly, these plans never came to fruition.

instead, stephen started hanging out with damon gough aka badly drawn boY, ending up with his production skills being applied to recent badly drawn boy albums (tv soundtrack, and the well received new’un), and then relocating to sunnier climes to delve in deeper into the world of film soundtracks (easy internet research will give you the list of movies he has been involved with).

thankfully, despite making music for those of a quieter disposition who wear hats all year round, stephen has not lost the urge to play with his toys to forge stereo threatening grooves, meaning that as a treat, ireallylovemusic has an exclusive insight into his forthcoming solo album, possibly to be released under his own name.

featuring widescreen juddering synth noises, cut up vocals, and an insistent beat, had puppy (rough) been revealed to be a lost cabaret voltaire studio offcut from the late 80s i would not have been surprised.


mp3 : stephen hilton – puppy (rough)