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the ropes – be my gun

finishing off the week with an 80s indie (what – not electro ?) pop throwback to the time when the darling buds were wrongly usurped to the pop pickers choice by the primitives.

cooler than thou chic fronted fuzz infused dream pop was always a weak spot for yours truly, and i guess the same still holds true.

be my gun starts off all basic and typically indie, but then the bass kicks in and things become more fun.

though being honest. it’s only when the band loosen up and let the studio trickery/layers loose over the closing 30 seconds that my interest is truly engaged.

while this won’t stop the traffic or anything, it does have a rather pleasant and lazy hungover sunday morning vibe.

either that or, it will become a sync soundtrack to some glossy slo-mo footage of healthy-n-wealthy tanned kids in america driving around in their parents hummers looking for their lost innocence.

there is a strong chance that the band will be getting love and attention from the usual spots, so here’s your opportunity to figure out if you’re with the band, or against.

transvision vamp to reform ? the campaign starts here.

mp3 : the ropes – be my gun

more detail : here