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thomas dolby – singular (cd/dvd)

after years enjoying domesticated bliss and successful forays into the real world of business, ireallylovemusic’s favourite pop professor thomas dolby is back in action.

there will be remastered reissues of two of his albums, the synth heavy the golden age of wireless, and the genuine timeless classic, the flat earth.

supposedly the reissues will feature all manner of special extras, and revised running orders.

details yet to be confirmed.

prior to all that excitement though is the release of a much needed compilation of all his singles, singular.

laid down in strict chronological order, the compilation will track his career from the early synth pop of urges, through to "the hits" (i really dont have to name them do i ?), plastic funk collisions with george clinton, and onto his more emotionally charged melancholy pop.

i mean has there ever been a song as prescient as his final proper single back in 1992, i love you goodbye.

so, while most people will be aware of "the hits", this is clearly an album to put things straight as there was always so much more to thomas dolby than a so-called novelty hit about science, and a video in which a manic bug eyed haircut plays a violin.

more details as and when.

track listing :


1-urges (3.41)

2-leipzig (3.52)

3-europa and the pirate twins (3.19)

4-airwaves (3.45)

5-radio silence (3.50)

6-windpower (3.53)

7-she blinded me with science (3.40)

8-one of our submarines is missing (5.12)

9-hyperactive (4.12)

10-dissidents (edit) (3.52)

11-i scare myself (edit) (4.59)

12-fieldwork (london mix) (4.04) with ryuichi sakamoto

13-may the cube be with you (3.50)

14-airhead (3.43)

15-hot sauce (3.18)

16-my brain is like a sieve (3.58) (bill bottrell single remix)

17-close but no cigar (4.08)

18-silk pyjamas (3.04)

19-i love you goodbye (4.34)


1- europa & the pirate twins


3-radio silence

4-windpower (live)

5-she blinded me with science (3.43)

6-one of our submarines is missing (live)



9-i scare myself

10-fieldwork (with ryuichi sakamoto) with ryuichi sakamoto

11-may the cube be with you


13-hot sauce

14-close but no cigar

15-silk pyjamas

16-i love you goodbye

bonus tracks

17-hyperactive (12” version)

18-fieldwork (12” version) with ryuichi sakamoto

19-hot sauce (saucy version)


more detail : hereblogtwitter