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lykke li – little bit (villains remix)


sorry for the radio silence.

there are 2 reasons.

1. work work work.

2. i feel like shit.

more details are not really required i would like to think.

still, knowing that people are in need for more pumped up synthetically enhanced dancefloor fillers, here’s a cracking woofer shaking slab of pumped up rave electro.

as for the villains ?

well it seems that they are a bloghouse/filtered disco/electro remix crew based out in la and are getting love from all the right corners of the wired world, and if you have the time and need there seems to be loads of extra mixes available from the lads myspace hangout, so fill yer boots.

mp3 : lykke li – little bit (villains mix) [media fire link]

more detail : here