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the killer meters – dance move shake!/black mountain

now that the season of excess is over, let’s see if we can get this blog back into gear.

not only that, but in recent times, you may have noticed that i have become somewhat distanced from the whole game as i have just retreated from the edge and immersed my ears in the glories of my $tateside compilations/reissues.

so what better 4 tracker to kick off the new year than this excellent fusion of killer live band funk-soul grooves, raw passion, and a desire to create a wah’d up funk noise worthy of mc5 love.

hailing from a love of the original funk band of the 60s and 70s, the meters, virgil howe aka sparo (he of the excellent mixtape that ireallylovemusic gave a hammering a few years back), put together the killer meters and went for the jugular on the tour circuit.

these 2 tracks show that the band have moved on from their cover version based past, and are now up to the task of rocking the party.

dance move shake! is a rocked up affair with new vocalist, karime, giving it her all over the drum breaks and guitar fuzz, while black mountain is more of a laid back deep funk jam that makes me feel dirty just listening to it.

both tracks are excellent teasers, and hopefully indicate that the album is going to be a perfect way to start ’09.

oh, and just to pass on the knowledge, the double 7" package out on breakin bread, is fleshed out with an instrumental of dance move shake!, and a brilliant dub version of black mountain that stretches the funk out into new realms of enjoyment.

more detail : here