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fabric 44 – john tejada

well if this doesn’t confirm to me what has been the soundtrack to 2008 for ireallylovemusic then nothing will.

having had the unexpected privilege of being on the fabric mailing list for the last few months, i have had the chance to check out their last few mixes.

unfortunately i have yet to be bowled over by anything i’ve heard as the reaction has mainly been one of ‘meh!’.

primarily due to the overexposure @ ireallylovemusic hq of filtered electro disco noises, the lack of love for smooth but rather generic deep house, and a complete ignorance of nu-breaks and d-n-b infused dubstep.

[as mentioned : here]

thankfully though, today this all changed with the arrival of fabric 44

quite simply, john tejada has crafted an absolute stormer 75 minute mix of straight up techno that ebbs and flows perfectly.

ranging from detroit styled house, through to harder edged acid via some serene ambience, the mix is an excellent way to catch up when you don’t have the insider knowledge, nor budget to keep up with the more interesting, and dare i say it, somewhat exclusive, corners of the techno world.

appearances by old school ambient techno guru pete namlook himself (i’m assuming that subharmonic atoms by namlook is indeed by pete ‘fax records’ namlook), orbital, and spooky, sit alongside more current tracks that have been vinyl only releases on johns own palette records, [fact : eight out of the twenty tracks are palette releases], proving that despite huge changes in the technology being used in their creation, some tracks made back in the 90s sound as relevant today as back then, if not more so in some cases.

for example, i distinctly recall being left somewhat nonplussed when i happened to pick up 3 ifach 12" in the mid 90s. the bleek repetitive minimal electronic dance just left me unmoved, meaning that the records were left unloved for nearly 10 years. then having bought a new record deck, i dug them out and realised the errors of my ways. so when i saw the tracklisting including an m-core track, be gene, that was originally released on ifach, i couldn’t help but smile. the label may not have had a lot of success during its brief life, but it is great to see that the music has found its rightful home and getting some love from all the right places.

so, if you happened to grab the recent resident advisor podcast by the black dog in which the lads were let loose with the ur back catlogue, and thought that you needed to hear more techno that’s both accessible and vital, then this brilliant set should be high on your amazon want list as of now.

track listing :

01. dave hughes – let’s do it
02. pigon – kamm
03. namlook – subharmonic atoms
04. donnacha costello – colorseries olive b
05. wax – wax10001
06. nekes – cristal
07. alex cortez – phlogiston ep
08. palette all-stars – downtown hotel
09. palette all-stars – after school special
10. eqd – equalized001
11. john tejada & justin maxwell – benus boats
12. john tejada & arian leviste – m track 1
13. orbital – fahrenheit 303
14. john tejada – torque
15. m-core – be gene
16. john tejada & arian leviste – forbidden planet
17. substance – relish (shed remix)
18. spooky – candy
19. john tejada – the open
20. lj kruzer – huba (plaid’s 15 years lost remix)

more detail : fabric – – palette