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the odyssey sound – walter jones (mogg and naudascher edit)

remember a while ago i posted details of a 2cd collection of supersoul recordings12" releases to be given some high profile exposure via a dfa records sanctioned compilation ?

[more detail : here]

well, i’ve been given a polite nudge to remind you that the time is now. the compilation is out this week.

i’ve no idea as to whether it’s any good, and reviews i’ve so far read are varied, but to help you on your way, ireallylovemusic have been given the chance to help spread the love that little bit further with this example mp3 lifted from the compliation.

7 minutes of electro-disco, tangerine dream sound library lifts, bleeps and a some moroder styled thumping beats.

in other words, good stuff, making me want to track down the whole thing as soon as i am allowed back into civilised society.

mp3 : the odyssey sound – walter jones (mogg and naudascher edit)

more detail : here