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air france – collapsing at your doorstep

ahh music made out of samples.

such an area of countless possibilities, though often the results are just cliche heavy dross. (no names)

thankfully, this new swedish band have stayed on the right side of ‘interesting’ with their debut release (in the uk anyway) that’s coming out on the ever fascinating something in construction (you know the people behind akira the don) label.

sweet strings soar, polite basslines underpin the looped lemon jelly-esque sunshine groove, before the stolen dialogue and kissed vocals make the world feel even better.  a perfect ibizia-sunset-chill track for those that like the quieter parts of the go! teams catalogue, and the huggable charms of st. etienne

let’s just hope the track isn’t a one-off and that the forthcoming album, no way down, contains more perfect sampledelica pop moments like this.

more detail : here