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13 point shuriken – the scratchy ninja project: 13 dj ninja clan


over on the ninja tune website there is a rather active little simple text based forum.

it’s often a place full of forumite in-jokes and chaos, however, every now and then, something very special comes out of the woodwork.

and given my current love for fucked up cut-n-paste music at the moment, the revelation of this inner sanctum project is perfectly timed.

basically a gang of 13 of the crew got together via their wired up setup, hit the decks and laid down a rather fine 30 minute scratch-fest.

oh yes, the art of turntablism is alive and well in 2008.

of course the results are ruff-n-ready in parts, but damn, it’s mighty worthy of your time.

without further ado, here’s the rules-n-regs for this little slice of deck related fun :

for those who don’t know, this is a project put together by members of the forum who, well, like scratching.
each dj went away and put their own spin on scratching, beat juggling and mixing and we then took everyone’s contribution and put it all together to make a 30 minute mix.
the only restriction on the guys was that they had to work between 90-95bpms, but other than that they could do what they want.
the result is that we have some mini mixes, some original beats, some beat juggles and some balls to the floor scratching segments all wrapped up in this one mix.

featuring in order of appearance:

01: bendyman

02: madslo

03: chris bleep

04: dj twit

05: bobby corridor

06: mista twist

07: dj kovas

08: sasqwax

09: monk-a

10: jose bee

11: haxxor jim duggan

12: erg

13: herma puma


mp3 : 13 point shuriken – the scratchy ninja project: 13 dj ninja clan

artwork : here