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the micronauts – damaging consent

ok. dont really know how to put this, but the french guy, christophe monier, aka the micronauts, makes electronic music that answers all of my musical needs in 2007.
some of its dance styled, a lot isn’t.
some of its noisey, a lot isn’t.
some of its techno, a lot isn’t.
however, what it is, is bloody great.
so with this in mind, i am chuffed to spread the word that there is a new album on the way comprising of 2 cds, one the long awaited artist album, damaging consent, and the other, a compilation of the remixes that he has done for all manner of people (underworld, chemical brothers, omd, death in vegas etc).
so, if you picked up the blistering and dowright bloody awkward bleep to bleep mini-album back in 2000 and wondered what on earth happened, well now you know.
a proper review is to be sorted out, but i thought i’d give you all a tip off, as this album is easily up at the top of the pile come the end of the year.
more detail : here – – the micronauts