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coco electrik – army behind the sun

after a couple of well received singles a while ago, a few appearances here and there, at last the debut album from this electro’d up futureworld popstar gets dropped into the release schedule.
across the 13 tracks the album shows off the various moods and styles of anne bootys (her real name apparently !)emotions while the backroom folks surround the songs with all manner of modern sounding noises to make the cool crowds swoon and jerk about.
sometimes the nerve endings twitch as you recall the glory times of goldfrapp, other times you just know that the band have a good supply of garbage cds in the racks. starting off with a strange introduction track the listener is left disturbed by the unsettling piano and vocal wailings, but this is quickly sorted out when previous electro loving single, sex shooter, is given an airing. if prince ever gets to hear this version of one of his old castoffs, i’m sure he’d approve of this update. next up, paint it red is a thoroughly weird-n-wonderful pop track that has a strangely addictive whistling styled loop (or is it a recorder thats making that noise), but once we get to the next single, sasparilla kiss then you know the extended wait for the album has been worthwhile. the song has a more full band sound, but based around a simple but great single note riff that’s driven home on guitar and dirty analogue synths of course. by the fourth listen this had easily become my album highlight along with the minimal neon lit electro throb of love machine on which annes distant robotnik vocals match the sci-fi atmospherics brilliantly, so following this with a lovely little instrumental big city, before we get to the surreal electro pop excellence of apple pie makes for a very strong triple whammy sitting in the centre of the album.
pussy footer, along with dance to cash gives more of an indication as to how the band probably sound in a live situation with more guitars and attitude, hence providing the aforementioned garbage influence. if shirley manson ever gets fed up, and the boys need a fill in, then this album provides an obvious solution.
of course, no self respecting album would be complete without a couple of mellow late night moody tracks, and here the final 3 tracks  tick all the right boxes.
then just as you think, ahh that was nice, the good people behind this release drop the stomp-a-long skylab remix of apple pie to send you off home with a big fat smile.
a cracking album full of electronically induced pleasure and some cracking songs. what more could you ask for !
more detail : here