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abdominal – escape from the pigeon hole

having provided the vocal highlights on the 2 official dj format albums, as well as touring with respected hip hop crews such as jurassic 5 and ugly duckling, then i guess its no wonder that this first proper solo artist release on the ever impressive antidote records imprint, is one that dips deep into the contacts books for the beat providers.
i don’t have a full track by track break down, but the press release advises the following folks give their samples-n-loops to various chunks of the album : dj format, einstein (ugly duckling), cut chemist, and his old mate dj fase.
in other words, a lot of this album consists of authentic old school funky sample heavy, scratchy vinyl noises, and a liberal dose of found vocals, all topped off with abdominals wonderfully clear, non-thug-centric stories and a lot of happy sunshine smiles.
tracks such as the honest open heart surgery of open relationship where, set to a low and easy groove, the listener is given a fresh insight into the world of the on tour and in need of a shag mindset, making one actually like story teller. a rare treat for a hip hop album.
other highlights include the naughty word extremes of radio friendly, during which we are told exactly what abdominal does and doesn’t give a fuck about, or the the olympic gold medal for the longest breathe award track that is breathe later (its gotta be editted !), the scratched up excellence of the home town, toronto, namechecking t.ode.
so, despite the album title, abdominal doesn’t stray too far from his well established blueprint, there are no sidesteps into grime, no dips into freeform jazz, or anything other than what you’d actually expect from someone with a history as solid as his, which i reckon is a perfectly fine stance.
in other words, having worked the scene, abdominal plays to his audience with what they know and love, and i’m not complaining one iota.
more detail : here