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steinski – the blog

well i never.
after years of being a somewhat musical recluse, it looks like steinski (a serious hero of the modern world if you like beats/samples and vocal cutups) has stepped up to the challenge of the qwerty world and got a proper site/blog.
if you haven’t heard the records he helped make along with co-horts mass media and double dee then shame on you.
these records basically propelled the art of cut-n-paste into the wide world and showed the world what an idea and a little technology could do if you looked beyond the smallprint of copyright law.
of course, a kid in the middle of yorkshire in the perma-grey mid 80s, had no idea about the action that was going on, that is until the nme slapped a heavy duty 7″ onto the cover of their weekly with the forbidden fruit that was ‘motorcade (sped on)‘ that joined the news reels of the jfk shooting to some solid gold hip hop betas, thus changing the way said kid looked at the mechanics of music production forever.
the fact that 20 years on, motorcade still sounds as fresh and relevant now as it did then is a credit to the genius behind the creation of the track.
so, can i please point you in the direction of the mans new site, as this could indeed prove to make 2007 rather interesting.
more detail : here