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the death of output – the solid steel mix by strictly kev

as some of you may be aware, the excellent, freaky, weird, addictive, cr*p, (delete as appropiate) output label set up by the man known as the underdog, trevor jackson, went under a few months ago.
in the weeks that followed the announcement, ireallylovemusic decided to make sure that all the labels available recordings were filed away in the archive for future reference. amazingly, fopp records decided to help me in my quest and flooded their racks with cd releases for a mere 3 quid each.
double bonus points as it meant i quickly learnt how great the label was in its demise, such is life.
as i guess i should have realised, strictly kev (of ninja tunes dj food outfit) was always a keen collector of the labels limited 12″ releases and handcrafted cover artwork, and so has put together 3 epic mixes that cover the output of output. ahem.
part one is online now (as the final chunk of strictly kevs recent mix alongside digital midgets), part 2 early jan’07, and part 3 when its sorted.
more detail : here
the track listing for parts one and two are as follows :
part 1
7-hurtz – stokers motor (version) (output)
mu – tiger bastard (output)
kreeps – all i wanna do is break some hearts (extended mix) (output)
playgroup – front 2 back feat kc flight (extended version) (playgroup recordings)
mu – let’s get sick (output)
the rapture – i need your love (ewan pearson ‘friends with girls’ mix) (output/dfa)
the rapture – i need your love (original) (output/dfa)
lb – superbad (ray mang vocal re-edit) (output)
sonovac – system error (output)
dk7 – the difference (original mix) (output)
playgroup – front 2 back feat kc flight (todd terry remix) (playgroup recordings)
playgroup – make it happen (exten vers) (playgroup recordings)
black strobe – innerstrings (original mix) (output)
dk7 – slipstream (output)
the rapture – house of jealous lovers (original) (output/dfa)
four tet – glasshead (output)
part 2
four tet – glasshead (output)
lcd soundsystem – beat connection (output/dfa)
lopazz – blood (acapella) (output)
7-hurtz – beatbox (output)
lcd soundsystem – yeah (clap-a-pella / crass version) (output/dfa)
5 mic cluster – crosstown flyer (output)
yello – base for alec (output)
colder – crazy love (original mix) (output)
colder – shiny star (output)
fridge – anglepoised (output)
four tet – calamine (radio mix) (output)
mu – let’s get sick (output)
the rapture – sister saviour (dfa vocal mix) (output/dfa)
black strobe – me & madonna (output)
7-hurtz – stokers motor (extended version) (output)
lb – ashes to ashes (output)
kreeps – all i wanna do is break some hearts (mongolian jet set’s exit to the jaja mix) (output)
lcd soundsystem – losing my edge (output/dfa)
playgroup – number one (extended version) (playgroup recordings)
7 hurtz – electroleum (output)
details regarding part 3 and some questions, (and hopefully answers!!), about some rather special dj food projects that are in progress to be posted sometime in the new year.
until then, stay tuned.
mark e