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ping pong bitches – roc ya body

having survived a stint on the poptones label, the bitches are back with more attitude and subtle noise on  mark moores’ label, umami records with a three tracker cd single.
lead track, ‘roc ya body’ has lots of techno-electro substance, but this is matched by plenty of compressed cut up rock guitar action making this come over like some amphetamined midnight version of garbage. with the chorus being hooked around a line ‘roc ya body straight to hell’ it’s obvious the girls don’t take themselves too seriously. well, i bloody hope not.
second track, gatecrasher (spelt out in the opening minute of the track – just in case you struggle), drops the rock pretensions and goes for the full on noir-electro moods and is a far more enjoyable slice of neon lit grooves and tacky synths that lovers of goldfrapps harder edged tracks will lap up.
to complete the package, there is a punx soundcheck mix of roc ya body, that is aimed for the dancefloor. its up tempo and does all that much loved jittery synth action that will have body poppers in joyous spasms while the girls saucy phrases looped to drive home their intentions, and even a video hidden away on the disc.
hugely enjoyable tacky-n-naughty fun that will never get played on the radio.
more detail : here