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the pipettes – we are ..

ok most of you will know that the album has been out for a while and received nothing but solid love from all manner of music lovers. so why has friend of all things memphis industries related, ireallylovemusic, not joined in with the love fest?
well, basically, there was no need to, as the band have been playlisted by radio2 (recent single ‘pull shapes’ was on every time i switched on the radio for a week – fact), featured in lots of glossies, tv adverts etc etc however, a quick spin of the album yesterday gave me an urge to just put down a few words on this short sharp pop album in case my opinion was in any doubt.
if you have hidden away for the last 6 months and you have not heard anything by the band (!?!?!), then it’s quite easy to summarise. phil spector production styles with orchestrations, and lots of handclaps, 3 part hook ridden harmonies, doo wop, 60’s pop music and a slice of girl powered infused lyrics all set ot synchronised polka dot frenzied dance moves with a few sidetracks into melancholy
naturally, such a different, dare i say it, sonically naive, style for these hard edged myspaced saturated times can be analysed and procrastinated over, however, while the thinkers do all that, i would prefer to just put on these 14 songs of young love, pain and so much more, and dance.
so here’s the needed tagline, ‘a perfect, perfect pop album’.
there now i’ve got that off my chest i feel so much better.
more detail : memphis industries