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adam gibbons – the last bastion (o.s.t.)

after years releasing music under the name ‘lack of afro‘, adam has decided to fulfill a bit of a passion of his – to make the soundtrack to a film that has yet to made.
hence the ‘o.s.t.’ in the album name, and cover art that gives the album the look as a long forgotten gritty detective noir film.
as for the music ?
well, like the cover art, it too is very much of a style, i.e. 70’s funk soundtrack.
featuring big drums, big horns, fuzzed up wah-wah guitars, hammond organs, and a whole chunk of string sections.
with 22 tracks in just over 40 minutes, this is not an album of self indulgence.
the music swoops in, does what its needs to do in setting the mood of a certain type of scene that adam has in his head, and swoops out again.
certain melodies are repeated throughout, and with the same instrumentation template throughout, it makes for a very consistent listening experience.
think orchestral excess by david axelrod, big band soundtracks by john barry, the funkier aspects of the kpm library, and of course, david holmes, who once he moved on from his big beat/electronica era headed for hollywood and created soundtracks for the ‘oceans‘ series, and the brilliant soundtrack for the film ‘out of sight‘.
the end result just makes me want to see the film, and surely that’s the best compliment a soundtrack can be given.

more detail : here