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the bug – pressure ft flowdan

apologies for the lack of posts, but hey life and all that jazz.
however, things have changed today and so, it’s time to get back to the blogging world, and what better place to kickstart the action than this track that has been released as teaser for the forthcoming album by kevin martin under his guise as the bug.
the album, ‘fire‘, is out at the end of august on ninja tune, and sees kevin collaborating with a whole chunk of bass lovers on the first album under this guise for 7 years.
please note : this does not mean kevin has been slacking as he has released a lot of material under his own name, produced moor mother, and so much more.
in fact, he could probably apply for the current role of ‘the hardest working man in showbiz’.
just follow him on twitter (@thebugzoo), and all will become clear.
however, for me myself and i, it’s all about this album, as i just know it’s going to be one of the years best.

track listing :

  1. the fourth day (feat. roger robinson)
  2. pressure (feat. flowdan)
  3. demon (feat. irah)
  4. vexed (feat. moor mother)
  5. clash (feat. feat. logan_olm)
  6. war (feat. nazamba)
  7. how bout dat (feat. ffsytho)
  8. bang (feat. manga saint hilare)
  9. hammer (feat. flowdan)
  10. ganja baby (feat. daddy freddy)
  11. fuck off (feat. feat. logan_olm)
  12. bomb (feat. flowdan)
  13. high rise (feat. manga saint hilare)
  14. the missing (feat. roger robinson)

more detail : here