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marius circus – the computer controlled gardener

having come to my attention via a rather splendid andrew weatherall¬†remix of a cover version (keep up), of lindstroms classic nu-balearica ‘i feel space‘ epic, i decided to keep an eye on what happens over in this corner of the world.

then out of the blue, marius circus sent out an email offering some codes for his new album to those who responded within a time limit.
i happened to be online when the email went out and got lucky.

have listened to it all week now, and, it’s rather lovely for when the sun is shining, and for when the sun isn’t.

old school scanda-balearica synth heavy tunes with a lot of attention to ear friendly melody and relaxed atmospheres.
to make things even more appealing, the end product is all wrapped up in gorgeous pete fowler cover art.

basically, it’s a perfect album for when you need to just disconnect from the current chaos of the world.

more detail
: here