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charity shop log #3: £8

quick update on my random finds for the last couple of weeks :

the rakes – ten new messages
phoenix – alphabetical
the damned things – ironiclast
robyn- body talk pt2
the roots – home grown! volume one
soul ii soul – keep on movin’
sinead o connor – faith and courage
ludovicio einaudi – in a time lapse
bloc party – four
goyte – making mirrors
the rapture – pieces of the people we love
two door cinema club – tourist history
marxman – 33 revolutions per minute
various – ukf dubstep 2013

out of this lot,the one i was most chuffed about was the sinead o’ connor album as upon reading the credits turns out to have a lot of on-u sound involvement in the production, not that it’s obvious from the actual music as it’s very mellow, but still, her voice alone makes me melt.
other albums that impressed : robyn of course, with more of her superb synth pop, and the return of the 2005 punk funk grooves via bloc party, the rapture and the new to me, two door cinema club, a short but fantastically enjoyable album.
the phoenix album surprised me, expected second rate indie pop, but it’s gorgeous produced big pop with huge earworms, a modern era 10cc (with ztt levels of production) styled album.
oh, and as for the album i bought without any knowledge of at all – ludovicio einaudi. picked it up purely because the coverart was so gorgeous, turns out it’s perfect hangover/sunday morning neo-classical ambience with some electronica additions, absolutely beautiful stuff.