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ireallylovemusic vs eclectic avenue : session #1

in my little corner of the cotwolds a local musician has set up a monthly gathering for grey haired wannabe djs called ‘eclectic avenue’. obviously after years of toying with the idea of airing some of the hidden corners of my archive, a couple of months ago i decided to join in.
the rules are simple : following two 30 minute sessions between 8pm and 9pm, the rest of the night is split in 45 minute sessions and your name is picked out at random by the organiser.
it should be noted that most of the regular entrants go for the whole dj mixing thing, whereas i don’t. mainly due to the fact that i jump from one genre to another, but, it’s mainly because i don’t have the skills to figure all that out, so its old school fade out/fade in mixing for me.
so, for the sake of my failing memory, i will be dropping my ‘sets’.
here is the first 30 minute session back in the summer.
as you can see, i decided to go for an easy set of 80s electronic pop to dip my toes into the whole thing :

depeche mode : new life
yazoo – don’t go
visage – fade to grey
the tube – opening titles
gary numan – are ‘friends’ electric
the human league – the sound of the crowd
duran duran – planet earth
heaven 17 – temptation (edit)
david bowie vs liberty x – david x
blondie vs the doors – rapture riders