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oddzoo – future flesh












i know very little about this album other than it was released a few months ago on the excellent finnish blood music label, a label that has in recent years found huge success within metal and synthwave genres.

with that in mind, the sound throughout future flesh is very different to anything else i have heard from this label. quite simply this is a brilliant electronically enhanced emo/indie/pop/rock album absorbing the use of sonic layers from shoegazing albeit via digital noise as opposed to guitars.

everything is soaked in epic reverb making even the most innocent drum beat fill a stadium. admittedly this approach could become tiresome, however, the tunes that are embedded within the widescreen soundscapes compel you stay involved.

there are often elements of depeche mode, (alongside nine inch nails when things get really heavy) in the melodies and rich baritone styled vocals, the synths and overall atmosphere which jumps from intense to joyous within individual songs.

oddzoo have released one of the best albums of new music i have heard this year.

more detail : bandcamp – – twitter