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microfilm – cherry love amour












1. soleado 10:53
2. boomboxx (i love to listen to) 03:37
3. sitges 03:36
4. the sun melted my tape collection 04:18
5. kissapella 03:49
6. joe gage bubblegum 03:55
7. orchestral maneuvers in the light 04:47
8. summerisle 04:00
9. cerise cerise 05:35
10.hollywood forever 05:47
11.limousine panthers 07:06
12.cherry love amour 05:11

over the years i have written about this electronic pop duo many times.
somehow they are still relatively unknown.
now after a period of separation, during which they explored various sonic avenues such as matt mercers excellent ambient album, supernatant, the boys are back together with quite possibly their best album to date.
the album starts off with one of the best individual tracks i have heard all year.
soleado‘ is a gorgeous 10 minute ambient-techno throb that starts with sounds of nature before morphing into an extended mix of synths and heart melting vocals.
the mood of this opening track sets the scene perfectly for the next hour.
microfilm have taken the kompakt ethos of ‘sadness on the dancefloor’ to heart and run with it, albeit with the odd sideways grin.
for example, the sung lyrical refrain “from plastic to liquid gold’ that is repeated throughout ‘the sun melted my tapes‘,  to the knowing nod when naming a track ‘orchestral maneuvers in the light‘.
after the delicate drum-n-bass grooves of ‘kissapella‘ the album then steps away from the dancefloor and heads for the downtempo/ambient room, with several of the remaining atmospheric tracks deploying cutup/layered/treated/spoken vocals so as to prevent the listener drifting off into a slumber.
in summary : ‘cherry love amour‘ is a wonderful electronica album for the onset of darker evenings and colder weather, and easily one of my favourite albums of the year.

more detail : here