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ireallylovemusic vs northern electronic soul.

today we went on a driving journey.
during that journey i (m.e), played some old school trojan sounds, and it felt good.
mk1 then told me various djs and bands at a big dance festival that he has bought tickets for.
i became somewhat jealous given the excess of reggae based sonics on offer.
especially given that for years, mk1 has been all about the d-n-b groove.
and therefore beyond my reach.
much later that day : back at hq.
i decided to have a glass of crystal clear gorgeousness and enjoy the sounds of lfo.
not the crappy usa based boy band,
but the brilliant leeds based northern electronic soul band that were part of the early warp records glory years.
not thinking any more of this as the bleeps and noises hit the various vertical surfaces,
mk1 came down from his pit to advise that he was going out.
as he put on his trainers of choice,
he said : ‘this is really good what is it ? ‘
amazingly i managed to hold back on the nerd excess,
and without any hyperbole, explained that this was a northern bleep groove.
i.e. old school detroit influenced techno with bleeps, melodies, and sonic chaos.
mk1 then responded :
‘i am fed up with d-n-b dad, i think i love techno, and this is exactly what i am enjoying now’
to which there could only be one response : welcome to my house my son.

maybe, just maybe, the magic will happen when the old can pass on the knowledge to the young.

more detail : here