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ireallylovemusic vs the pre new


prenew_the joint-8


i need to write this experience from last year up one day, but to say this was a special 24 hours would be an understatement.

i laughed, i cried, i got very drunk, i passed out on the sofa of a musical hero of mine.

not only that, but the recordings actually made it onto the bands second album, the male eunuch.

subsequently i have ordered the full set of the release.

the boxset includes vinyl (!!), cd, mp3, and a pdf version along with all manner of band related bits-n-bobs.

there are only 200 copies of the boxset,

despite the fact i have yet to hear the final results, the reviews in mojo, and q magazine seem to indicate that this is one of the albums of the year.

i cannot wait.

more detail : here