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u2 vs the world pt 23


this is one of all my all time fave interviews : here
why  ?
because, it proves to me that despite all the crap that this band attracts, they are just a bunch of blokes making music, who love wine, and stretching boundaries.
yes, i know am a u2 fan, so that may indeed dissipate my point, but seriously, name a modern band that tries to f*ck up the groove as much as this lot.
name one.
even the much hated recent itunes freebie made people think.
and i would suggest that, irony of ironies, this band giving an album away for ‘free’ made a lot of power/money crazed people actually think about allowing their material to  be accessed for ‘free’.
all that said, i would love to have a few bottles of red wine with the lads.
simple as that, cos, they sound brilliant company alongside their groove.