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ireallylovemusic vs 2014


unlike the rest of the online world that does the music thing, i like to take my time.

so, for my own benefit, here is a list of the albums that hit the spot that were released in 2014.

in no particular order.

tack>>head : for the love of money – never expected this. basically a perfect mix of the bands early hard hitting sample and beats groove vs their later major label funk-rock era.

temples : sun restructured – the beyond the wizards sleeve re-edit of the bands 60s psych love-in debut. kind of like what global communications did to chapterhouse. i.e. make an ok-ish album into a much better variant.

fka twigs : lp1 – yeah yeah, like everyone else, but the fact is, this album is bloody good.

archive : axiom – not an album as such for this unknown london crew, more of an ep with a genuinely dark visual representation of the music on offer via the extra dvd. dark and sublime.

jane weaver : golden globe – still bedding this mix of studio excess and true psychedelic sonics in, but it’s clear from initial spins this is going to become a major playlister.

the heliocentrics and melvin van peebles : the last transmission – a bonkers mix of david axelrod psych excess and sci-fi. the extra disc of instrumentals makes for the more cohesive experience.

earth : primitive and deadly – this was the album that hit it hard for me. the band upped the layers of guitars, added some vocals, and just made an absolute classic for when you need something slow and low. brilliant.

the heliocentrics and orlando julius : jaiyede afro – afro beat perfection vs the london psych funk/jazz outfit. when the sun comes out this will be dug out and enjoyed even more.

morgan visconti : ride – the son of you know who breaks way from his day job and makes a gorgeous album of bittersweet electronic pop. not electro-pop you understand, but pop music made with electronic instruments. self released, and just sublime for those late nights.

blues pills : s/t – 70s blues rock with a vocalist who really knows how to add some roll to her rock. yes, you can mention janis joplin of course, but this album has some killer grooves. highly recommended.

the bug : angels and devils – would have preferred to have heard the rumoured material that the bug made with adrian ‘on-u’ sherwood’’, but hey. this is deliciously dark and wonderful. not a wall to wall classic, but when its good, there is nothing else like it.

u2 : songs of innocence – you’ve all heard this for free. i care not. i even paid for it. bite me. i think this album is a lot better than several of their previous albums, but hey, let’s just focus on the misfire of the delivery mechanism cos that’s the real story here. pah.

mastodon : once more ‘round the sun – along with earth, 2014 was the year for so called ‘metal’ becoming a thing for me (along with baroness and monster magnet), this crew of immense sonic craft and prog-esque excess soundtracked a lot of the year for me. glorious in so many ways.

the lords of altamont : lords take altamont – and last but definitely not least. my favourite garage rock and roll crew. they take the source of their moniker and revisit highlights of the day adding their own twist to proceedings.


as ever, a random selection with a variety of genres.

hence why i could never dedicate my listening/webshyte to one particular groove.

oh, and already 2015 is looking good, but that’s another story.


mark e/ireallylovemusic